From the Dashboard to the Inbox — An #IndieDev’s analytics solution

  • Firebase Analytics - as mentioned above.
  • Crashlytics - which I use daily, checking to ensure my latest update didn’t break the app for everyone. Or Google’s latest update didn’t break my app.
  • the Play Developer Console - which I check fairly regularly for new reviews to see if they require action (why do people think “leave a review” means “ask for support”?!), checking the direction my rating is going, how many IAP’s were purchased & is there a trend, etc etc..
  • How many new coffee shops were submitted today?
  • How many searches were performed?
  • Which places in the world were searched the most?
  • Are people using the map view or are people using the list view?
  • Do people click through to a coffee shop’s Instagram page to check it out or do they go straight to it’s Google Maps directions?
  • And so on….
StatManager.logEvent(context, FEATURE_USE, “Coffee shop submission”)
Email from DroidStats for Coffee-Working



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Rob J

Rob J

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