The easiest way to get 5* reviews for your app? Just ask. (RatingManager Library)

My RatingManager Library

How do I implement it?

new RatingManager.Builder(context)
.showFeedbackOption(true, {feedback email address})
.addCustomRule(() -> DataManager.getGameCount() >= 50)
new RatingDialogOptions.Builder(context)
.setInitialPopupMessage("Do you like this app?")
.setInitialPopupLaterBtnText("Ask me later")
.setRatingPopupTitle("Leave us a review!")
.setRatingPopupMessage("You can help others discover this app by leaving us a 5* review")
.setRatingPopupPositiveBtnText("Rate now")
.setRatingPopupLaterBtnText("Maybe later")
.setRatingPopupNeverBtnText("Don't ask me again")
.setFeedbackPopupTitle("We're sorry to hear that")
.setFeedbackPopupMessage("We'd love to know why so we can help improve the app for you & others")
.setFeedbackPopupPositiveBtnText("Email us")
.setFeedbackPopupLaterBtnText("Maybe later")
.setFeedbackPopupNegativeBtnText("Not right now")
  • There’s a few other methods in the RatingManager such as shouldShowRatingDialog which can be used to check if the dialog should be shown, this is useful when you don’t want to show a dialog but want to do some other action but still want to use the logic within the library to determine when a rating prompt should be shown (ie maybe you want to show a notification instead).
  • There’s also a RatingManagerMockBuilder class which can be used for testing against the rules you’ve set etc.. An example would be:
new RatingManagerMockBuilder(context)
.setFeedbackBuild(BuildConfig.VERSION_CODE - 1)



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