Why your App Developer Résumé sucks — and how to fix it

Nobody cares

How to fix it

{ Name }
{ Phone number }
{ Title } (I advocate for [insert platform/language here] “ninja” but you can go with “guru” “master” or plain old “developer”.. whatever takes your fancy)
{ No more than 4 short bullet points outlining the most important experience you have for your industry ie
— I have built & released 7 apps on the App Store
— I’ve worked with 17 clients including Client A & Client B
— I have extensive experience with [insert technology/sdk/language here]
Work Experience
{ Client name, date, role}
{ A few bullet point outlining the most appealing thing you did for this client ie
— Built this app from the ground up in 3 months
— Project involved working with sdk a, technology b & language C

(Repeat the last section for each project/client/app etc you’ve worked on)



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Rob J

Rob J


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